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Kamol Engineering Service Co.,Ltd.

Kamol Engineering Services Limited production and service of Form Coil and Motor and Generator. AC / DC, regardless of pressure from 380 - 22,000 V. made of flat wire with Hot - press produced a length of up to 8.6 M. Coil 1-year warranty. Coil Motor and Generator Service forms for Motor Hi-volt coil with a long form and 860 Cm. The unlimited power within 10 seconds / 1 Coil is manufactured according to international standards and the standards. Test Coil Hi-pot test of the size of Hipotronic 1,000 - 30,000 V. With more than 30 years of experience and expertise.



Business get Production  High Voltage Start From  3.3 KV.  To 13.8 KV. Of Stator Coils, Rotor Coils Commutator, Rotor Shaft and do Complete  Process Rewinding  Of Generator and Motor, Voltage Up To 13.8 KV.